“Oxford, I love you” Anna Quaglia- 7th February h 17,00 in Biblioteca Ariostea Ferrara

In Oxford, I love you, Anna Quaglia shares her passion for the town that stole her heart. The “City of Dreaming
Spires,” as defined by Victorian poet Matthew Arnold, has held a special place in her life since her student days.
The reader is taken by the hand and passionately led through the streets of Oxford, living with the
protagonist during her time in college, experiencing the convivial moments in the characteristic English pubs, and
meeting people from all over the world: all unforgettable moments that occupy a special place in the author’s
memories. After finishing the English course, Anna will find other excuses to return to Oxford: the bond with
her beloved city is that strong!

Born in Adria, in the Veneto region of Italy, Anna Quaglia is a teacher, translator, and proofreader. A graduate in foreign languages and literature, as a student, she took advanced English courses in Cheltenham and, of course, Oxford: this is when her love for the British city began.
Throughout her career, she taught Italian as a second language, mainly to Erasmus students, and worked in a translation office. A woman of many facets, Quaglia also had a brief experience as a DJ at a private radio station in Ferrara and then as an employee in an advertising office.
An accomplished author as well, her latest book, Oxford, I love you, was inspired by the emotions and suggestions evoked when she stayed at Magdalen College, Oxford, following in the footsteps of theprotagonists of the award-winning 1993 British biographical film, Shadowlands.